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"ZipQuote's leads are spot on. The best part of their system is they allow you receive leads by zip code, county or state. We can easily filter out the unwanted areas. My agency highly recommends this lead source to other aggressive insurance lead marketers."

Casey Walker
State Farm Agent

"ZipQuote has increased my auto insurance business by 70%. I have been able to close about 40% out of the last 13 live transfer leads from ZQ. I will continue to use their live transfer leads and the customer service is unmatched"

Michelle Penkoff 

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Grow Your Business With Auto Insurance Leads

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ZipQuote Offers Insurance Agents:

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Zero Contracts or Commitments

Complete Control of Your Schedule (Pause Leads Whenever You Need)

Resources for Agents

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How We Generate Our Auto Insurance Leads

ZipQuote advertises on quality SEM sources where consumers are actively seeking auto insurance quotes.

Consumers complete ZipQuote's request form that collects their information and validates its authenticity. 

ZipQuote technology scores each lead, then matches it with an agent based on their predetermined account filters.

The designated agent receives leads during their scheduled hours and enjoys the higher written policy rate.





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